Wednesday, 2 December 2015

A Patient with Emphysema Released from an Oxygen Cylinder

A woman in 70's came to the Saint Mother clinic all the way from the Okinawa island to take a mind power treatment. Having pulmonary emphysema, she had suffered from breathing difficulty and hardly talked, sitting on a wheelchair for 4 years. Before taking the treatment, she had to take 1.5L/min oxygen from a portable cylinder all the time. While taking the treatment, she could take the cylinder off and after the treatment, her oxygen flow was redused to 0.5L/min.

She gained mind power on May 2015, and started staying at a nursing home of Saint Mother on September. 

Soon after that, she became able to walk and breathe readily. Her oxygen flow declined from 1.5L/min to 1.25L/min during the daytime and 1L/min at night. 

Finally, She could take her oxygen cylinder off on November. One month has passed, but she still can breathe without an oxygen cylinder. This is miraculous that once patients with emphysema begin to use an oxygen cylinder, most of them cannot live without that portable cylinder in their entire life. Her improvement is quite rare in the medical field.

What dramatically changed is her face. Before coming to Saint Mother, she was stressed with not only her illness but also various matters, thus she did not want to involve social activities. She just wanted to sit down at home all the day. As she recovers through a series of mind power treatments, her smile came back on her face and she often says "I'm so happy" these days. Mind power heals patients' body as well as a mental aspect. 

Reference: Dr. Toyoda's blog

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