Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Mind Power Fully Healed Breast Cancer

A woman had breast cancer in the left side that later metastasised to her right pleura. After the second surgery, her doctor announced that she could not live longer than 2 years due to her last stage of cancer. Nevertheless, 3 years later, she was still alive while taking cancer immunotherapy, healthy eating habits and naturopathy. At last, she regarded her life as endangered when her weight gradually declined, and ascites was accumulated. She was looking for an effective therapy with desperation. Then, she encountered mind power. 

Whilst she attended a series of mind power seminars and took mind power treatments twice a week, she realised the improvement in her body. Her ascites dramatically disappeared, her tumour maker that had been moving upward levelled off and finally declined. That was so incredible that her doctor published a paper in a medical journal as a case of natural degeneration of cancer. She was convinced that mind power would be going to heal her cancer completely. Thus, she followed pieces of advice from Ms. Nonaka telling that forgetting own illness is the best medicine and healing someone heals own illness. Accordingly, she dedicated to heal other patients.  As her tumour maker remained the average, her struggle agains cancer came to the end. Her doctor was also sure that mind power fully healed her cancer, recommending her to inform the truth to other people waiting for the power. 

She asserts that mind power treatments do not accompany with medical malpractices, side-effects, pain, being in hospital, but enable patients to live in an ordinal life while treating diseases. This is the true medical treatment. She states that thanks to cancer, not only her body was healed, but also her mind and spirit were saved and healed. She just appreciates for my terminal cancer that gave her an opportunity to realise that all difficulties she faced were led by herself who was stubborn. Mind power turned herself to be positive, affectionate, genuinely grateful for everything including obstacles that imply significant lessons for her life. She was encouraged to be humble through healing someone with mind power. 

Reference: Nonaka, Kuniko, The Way of Spirituality, pp. 19-20. Fukuoka: Gran-Nana, 2014.

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