Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Mind Power Saved A Baby With Osteogenesis Imperfecta.

A boy was born with a brittle bone disease called osteogenesis imperfecta categorised in type Ⅲ or Ⅱ on Silence, as well as hydrocephalus. Since his birth, his arms and legs had been fractured frequently. For instance, even though he slightly moved in an infant incubator or his diaper was exchanged, he became fractured. According to an examination at a university hospital, his osteogenesis imperfecta was so severe that one in seventy thousands has the ill and no children with this disease have ever lived above 5 years old before. 

With desperation, his mother came to visit the clinic to take a mind power treatment when he was one year old. As soon as mind power improved his symptoms, she was convinced that this power can heal her baby's disease, thus she and her husband enrolled the mind power seminars. Whilst he took regular mind power treatments, the number of breaking arms and legs dramatically declined and amazingly he was able to become lie down on his belly and raise his arms. He is now ten years old. What is happening to him is impossible in Modern Medicine and this is the case indicating mind power treatment is effective for incurable diseases. 

Reference: Shiraishi, Toshitaka, Mind Power (What happened to Daiki who Has Osteogenesis Imperfecta is Miracle), (accessed on 24 Dec. 2015).

Monday, 21 December 2015

Mind Power is Applied at a Hospital by a Neurosurgeon

Mind power treatment is employed by Dr. Shiraishi who has worked as a neurosurgeon since 1980, going through over a thousand surgical operations hitherto. He started learning a series of mind power courses at Saint Mother on Sept. 2014, with approximately a hundred participants suffering from incurable diseases including a variety of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, renal diseases, liver diseases, cerebral stroke, the late sequela of the stroke, neurodegenerative diseases, eye disease, atopy, varied of incurable diseases specified by the government, etc. As a doctor, he recognises that there are no effective treatments for those patients in terms of Western medicine or the latest medical technology, thus doctors just observe the progress of the patients or prescribe medications that is ambiguous for the effectiveness of treatment. Dr. Shiraishi decided to employ mind power treatments in his hospital because he was wondering why many patients could be improved with Western medicine and anxious about the lack of communication between doctors and patients. On the contrary, mind power can tackle a variety of diseases that Western medicine could not heal. This is because mind power can give rise to the change in people's way of living and thinking that are associated with the cause of diseases. He tries to combine Western medicine with mind power treatments for the sake of patients. 

In Saint Mother, patients, doctors, and nurses learn mind-power-hand-healing at the same seminars. There is no difference between medical practitioners and patients. Anyone can learn how to use mind power and how to cure variety of diseases at the same place. Dr. Shiraishi also attended this mind power seminars and apply what he leans at his hospital.

Reference: Dr. Shiraishi's blog, (accessed on 21 Dec. 2015)

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Mind Power Fully Healed Breast Cancer

A woman had breast cancer in the left side that later metastasised to her right pleura. After the second surgery, her doctor announced that she could not live longer than 2 years due to her last stage of cancer. Nevertheless, 3 years later, she was still alive while taking cancer immunotherapy, healthy eating habits and naturopathy. At last, she regarded her life as endangered when her weight gradually declined, and ascites was accumulated. She was looking for an effective therapy with desperation. Then, she encountered mind power. 

Whilst she attended a series of mind power seminars and took mind power treatments twice a week, she realised the improvement in her body. Her ascites dramatically disappeared, her tumour maker that had been moving upward levelled off and finally declined. That was so incredible that her doctor published a paper in a medical journal as a case of natural degeneration of cancer. She was convinced that mind power would be going to heal her cancer completely. Thus, she followed pieces of advice from Ms. Nonaka telling that forgetting own illness is the best medicine and healing someone heals own illness. Accordingly, she dedicated to heal other patients.  As her tumour maker remained the average, her struggle agains cancer came to the end. Her doctor was also sure that mind power fully healed her cancer, recommending her to inform the truth to other people waiting for the power. 

She asserts that mind power treatments do not accompany with medical malpractices, side-effects, pain, being in hospital, but enable patients to live in an ordinal life while treating diseases. This is the true medical treatment. She states that thanks to cancer, not only her body was healed, but also her mind and spirit were saved and healed. She just appreciates for my terminal cancer that gave her an opportunity to realise that all difficulties she faced were led by herself who was stubborn. Mind power turned herself to be positive, affectionate, genuinely grateful for everything including obstacles that imply significant lessons for her life. She was encouraged to be humble through healing someone with mind power. 

Reference: Nonaka, Kuniko, The Way of Spirituality, pp. 19-20. Fukuoka: Gran-Nana, 2014.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Mind Power Encouraged a Girl Diagnosed as Schizencephaly

This is a picture drawn by a 13-year-old girl who was diagnosed as schizencephaly when she was a baby. 

When she was seven months old, she was pointed that her right leg was not moving properly at a periodic medical check-up. Later, she could not moving infant crawl when she was 8 months old, and could not walk at the age of one year. As a result of MRI, her left brain that controls her right side of the body has large regional deficiency and ventricles, being diagnosed as schizencephaly. 

What is Schizencephaly?

Schizencephaly is an extremely rare developmental birth defect characterized by abnormal slits, or clefts, in the cerebral hemispheres of the brain.  Babies with clefts in both hemispheres (called bilateral clefts) commonly have developmental delays, delays in speech and language skills, and problems with brain-spinal cord communication.  Individuals with clefts in only one hemisphere (called unilateral clefts) are often paralyzed on one side of the body, but may have average to near-average intelligence.  Individuals with schizencephaly may also have an abnormally small head, cognitive delay and impairment, partial or complete paralysis, or poor muscle tone.  Most will experience seizures.  Some individuals may have an excessive accumulation of fluid in the brain called hydrocephalus. 

Is there any treatment?

Treatment generally consists of physical therapy and drugs to prevent seizures.  In cases that are complicated by hydrocephalus, a surgically implanted tube, called a shunt, is often used to divert fluid to another area of the body where it can be absorbed. 
Reference:National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, NINDS Schizencephaly Information Page, (accessed on 2015-12-8)

She was announced by her doctor that her right side body would be paralysed and would not improve in entire her life. Nonetheless, her parents never gave up on her, thus they decided to apply mind power treatments to her when she was 2 years old. Their decision was right. Her physical function was dramatically enhanced and her epileptic seizures have stopped while she took mind power treatments. She began to  be entertained with running, having a race with her classmates, swimming and excising. She started playing the trumpet in a brass band at the age of 10. 

As you see, she is talented in many ways, especially her drawing is splendid. She got a prize at a national championship among 20,000 students. Her picture is showed above. 

At present, her goal is to be a pediatrist. She and her parents have never given up on her disease. Love is the most effective medicine and mind power always helps the way expressing love to your important one.
Reference: Dr. Toyoda's blog

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

A Patient with Emphysema Released from an Oxygen Cylinder

A woman in 70's came to the Saint Mother clinic all the way from the Okinawa island to take a mind power treatment. Having pulmonary emphysema, she had suffered from breathing difficulty and hardly talked, sitting on a wheelchair for 4 years. Before taking the treatment, she had to take 1.5L/min oxygen from a portable cylinder all the time. While taking the treatment, she could take the cylinder off and after the treatment, her oxygen flow was redused to 0.5L/min.

She gained mind power on May 2015, and started staying at a nursing home of Saint Mother on September. 

Soon after that, she became able to walk and breathe readily. Her oxygen flow declined from 1.5L/min to 1.25L/min during the daytime and 1L/min at night. 

Finally, She could take her oxygen cylinder off on November. One month has passed, but she still can breathe without an oxygen cylinder. This is miraculous that once patients with emphysema begin to use an oxygen cylinder, most of them cannot live without that portable cylinder in their entire life. Her improvement is quite rare in the medical field.

What dramatically changed is her face. Before coming to Saint Mother, she was stressed with not only her illness but also various matters, thus she did not want to involve social activities. She just wanted to sit down at home all the day. As she recovers through a series of mind power treatments, her smile came back on her face and she often says "I'm so happy" these days. Mind power heals patients' body as well as a mental aspect. 

Reference: Dr. Toyoda's blog

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Mind Power Fully Healed Spinocerebellar Degeneration

A man had felt discomfort since 28 years old, including difficulty in talking and walking, losing a sense of distance, and tripping over his own feet. He often tripped on stairs and tumbled down. After a while, he could not move his legs and walking became difficult. 

He visited several hospitals,and all doctors diagnosed him as Spinocerebellar degeneration. 

Spinocerebellar Degeneration, also known as Spinocerebellar Ataxia or SCA, is a progressive disease that can affect the spine, the cerebellum, the nervous system and the muscles. Spinocerebellar Ataxia refers to a group of disorders, as opposed to a specific diagnosis.
Those who suffer from SCA know there is no cure. All they are able to do in most cases is treat the more common symptoms which can include stiffness, muscle tremors, sleeping disorders and depression, to name but a few.
SCA is neither gender specific nor is it age specific, which means the symptoms could appear in anyone at any time. Initial symptoms could also include (but are not limited to) the lack of hand-eye co-ordination, a speech impairment, irregular or jerky movements, temporary paralysis in the lower limb muscles and a deformed spine.
Patients may need mobility assistance therefore most make use of crutches or a wheelchair. Some may need help eating and others may need help writing and using their hands. Some may even use communication devices to help them to speak.
As mentioned, this disease is not characterised by any one specific symptom, it has a number of effects but ideally all of them centre on the patient’s motor skills.
Reference: Spinocerebellar Ataxia Reference Guide, Spinocerebellar Degeneration, 2015-12-2)
Although he took some medications, nothing improved and he just suffered from their  side-effects. Rehabilitation was not working.

On February 2008, he took a mind power treatment for the fist time at the age of 32. Suddenly, his languor disappeared, thus he decided to continue the treatment. Right after he got mind power at Saint Mother, mind power treatments removed his headache, and enabled him to talk, walk and grasp a sense of distance. He was confident that the progression of his illness stopped. 

While he participated in some events at Saint Mother, mingling with its members, his anxiety completely vanished. As his mind changed, his body improved accordingly. As a result, he was released from all the symptoms of spinoerebellar degeneration after the 2 years and a half. 

Now he engages in work that requires great physical strength, and wonders what was my sickness. 

Ten years have passed since he was diagnosed as spinocerebellar degeneration, but he has never experienced any symptoms of the illness that rarely occurs for patients with the same disease. 

According to him, his mother and brother also had the same disease, so he had been afraid that he would have it since he was young. When he was diagnosed as spinocerebelar degeneration, he was so devastated that he would end his life by his own. Mind power encouraged him to fight against his illness and nowadays he firmly believes that we can fully heal diseases through changing the way of thinking and own values.

The texts were originally written in Japanese by Dr. Goto and Dr. Toyoda and translated by Mio Nakano.
Reference: Makiko Goto and Mito Toyoda, The Challenge of Two Women Doctors. pp135-138. Tokyo: Aiiku Shuppan, 2013.